Poem of Loveliness….

'As they're bonded together with gallons of snot.'

A super-cute poem here…I know it’s about snot, but please bear with it cos it is, of course….lovely!

When I Had A Cold

When I had a cold my nose ran quite a bit,

I snotted and snatted and snutted and snit,

It ran and it ran and it snotted some more,

So I snotted and snutted and snat on the floor.

I snut on the walls and I snit on the mat,

I snotted and snotted all over my cat,

I snit in the fridge and I snat in the bath,

I snut on a sheep and left snot on a calf.

I snut in the garden and snat on the shed,

And I snotted awake and I snotted in bed.

And eventually when I got over my cold,

I found I had snotted all over the world.

And now everything in the world sticks together,

It’s snotted together for ever and ever,

And everyone likes everyone else quite a lot,

As they’re bonded together with gallons of snot.

Now everyone’s nice and they talk to each other,

There’s quality time for the father and mother,

Since I snat on their shoes and I snut in their hair,

They’re all stuck together and can’t go anywhere.

No-one’s ever unpleasant, no insults are thrown,

As they’re all stuck together with snot in their home,

And so now and forever the tale will be told,

How the world was made better when I had a cold.

Joel Veitch


…keeping busy…

…like bees!


Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Bumble Bee game – check this out!

Bees are fluffy…fluffy = cute! The sound of bees buzzing in the distance in summertime makes me 😀

Bees are useful as well as being cute, so this makes them lovely. Think of all the flowers they pollinate and all the honey they make! (yum!)

Unfortunatly, the population of all our bee species is in decline…

Save the bees!

Check out the link for info on bee conservation, bee facts and a bee photo gallery!

In the beginning….there was lovely…

Welcome to the world of loveliness 🙂

Let me explain…everyone needs loveliness in their life and I feel the need to share loveliness with all of you! I will be posting random lovely things here every so often in the hope that it cheers you up and makes you smile…because after all, smiles are rather lovely!



What could be more lovely than two little kissing piglets?? Good way to start of the sheer loveliness of it all! (Plus my boy loves pigs 😀 )

If you have anything lovely to share then please let me know so that I can add it to the catalogue of lovely.

Coming up over the next few days I have some beautiful art, cute poems, happy songs and all things fluffy, sparkly and yummy…so be sure to check back soon for your dose of lovely!

Love Ele