Well now…this is just loveliness distilled and captured in art form!

Click here for loveliness

Click here for loveliness

The website belongs to Claire Louise. She is based in Bristol (yay!) and currently has an exhibition on near to where I live. I am sooo going to go! The exhibition is called shyshy and you can have a peek here.

Also on her site (which you can get to by clicking the big picture above!) are more of her drawings and paintings as well as pixels she has created…things like emoticons and cute desktop images.

Please check it out…it really is one of the loveliest things ever!

Love Ele ~X~





Planning and planning and planning is fun…especially when it’s for the future and the planning is with my boy!

Cant wait to see him on Wednesday 😀

So…my topic shall be…hugs 🙂

There are so many different kinds of hug…friendly ones, comforting ones, soft ones, squidgy ones, strong ones, quick ones, ones that you never want to end. All most lovely of course…which is why they are here!

What’s your favourite kind of hug?

Mine is the excited greeting hug! 😀

love Ele ~X~