Knitted loveliness makes me smile…

Oh how I wish I could knit more than a wonky scarf…look what I found…



Arent they just the cutest thing ever! Well…one thing led to another and I went on a bit of a hunt for knitted food (as y’do).



extra pickles please!

extra pickles please!

I want to eat this!

I want to eat this!

Isnt that just woolly loveliness?! A whole knitted tea party would just be so cool…apart from the fact that you cant eat it of course. Maybe after my exam I will dedicate my time to learning how to knit sensibly and creating a whole load of cute knittedness!

I also found this…I know it’s not food but it totally rocks!

vroom! vroom!

vroom! vroom!

Love Ele ~X~


4 responses to “Knitted loveliness makes me smile…

  1. Oh Ele…

    How you find these things I will never know but yes, I agree with how cool they are 🙂

    I want to eat the burger and ride the motorbike….apart from it needs to be a different colour first!!

    (I withhold the ‘L’ word for I am ‘Your Boy’ and it would be unbecoming so I shall use the word ‘Kushty’ from now on!!!)


    • Oh my boy…you are a silly goose 🙂 How can lovely be unbecoming??

      What ever makes you happy though my sweet


      PS wait until I learn to knit these things and fill your room with cupcakes and doughnuts!

  2. Lol….Ele you can be silly (and oh so kushty) yourself 😉

    Why would I want knitted cupcakes and doughnuts??? How about you concentrate on Wombles and Gollywogs (although I’m not allowed to call them that so they are henceforth Gollyrainbows!!) so that they can all sit there and keep me company when you’re not with me!!!

    That would make me happy in between times at least 🙂


    • Oh my little chickle monkey, who doesn’t want knitted cupcakes and doughnuts?!

      And, to be honest, I think Wombles and Gollyrainbows might be a tad out of my league…seeing as I can only currently knit wonky scarves 😦

      I can sew, in a fashion, though so maybe I could make you some little piglets to talk to.


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