My lovely weekend

I went to visit my boy on the weekend and, as usual, we had a lovely time so I thought I’d show you a few photos of the loveliness that we went and looked at.

Im good at wonky photos...

I'm good at wonky photos...

Thats the Cathedral…we didn’t go there this time but you can see it from everywhere. And here’s a duck…

a rather lovely duck

a rather lovely duck

I do like ducks 🙂 There were lots of them quacking around. Isn’t the water lovely and clear too? I wanted to jump in but wasn’t allowed. an itch... an itch...

This little guy is a coot (yes, he really is…not a moorhen…I’ve looked him up!). I was very impressed by the size of his feet. He’s only a baby and had a sweet little chirp. He kept trying to eat all kinds of bits of twigs and weeds from the river.

happy, happy sheep

happy, happy sheep

Well now, look at those guys 🙂 We saw a lot of sheep. Unfortunatly, the llama was hiding on that day. I was satisfied with seeing the sheep though…they do make me chuckle.

oh, please let me jump in!

oh, please let me jump in!

The river is pretty…as I wasn’t allowed to jump in I looked out for fish instead, there were lots!

a pretty pink flower i saw in the park

a pretty pink flower i saw in the park

It was a beautiful sunny day as well which just helped with the loveliness 🙂 Talking to ducks and giggling at sheep is one of my favourite ways to spend a Sunday.

Lovve Ele ~X~


6 responses to “My lovely weekend

  1. Hey ho Ele my kushtyness 😉

    Wonderful photos and oh so kushty memories but it does make my “City” (Yes people, it really is a city – note the Cathedral!!!) look like the countryside…….scarily so!!!! Believe it or not everyone, all these photos are from the middle of the City, not the outskirts!!! 😮


  2. Hello my boy 🙂 *mwah*

    I think it’s very sweet that you feel the need to explain and justify that you do in fact live in a city and not the countryside. Fret not m’dear cos you’ll be in a proper city soon enough 😛

    Ele ~X~

    • 😀 I know Ele!!! Well…..definately for 36 hours very very soon!!!

      But then back to the “City of Village”……fear not though, I shall return!!

      Your boy

  3. Ha Ha you guys are so sweet it makes me ill. You really need to stop this sweetness now, geez. You are making it hard for me to be mean.

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