keeping warm

Well now, that was a long time away…never fear, loveliness is back again now 🙂

Lets start with this…

*click me*

*click me*

The cutest bear hat! Well, the knitting pattern for said bear hat…which I’m still not going to be able to manage just yet (scarves still, y’know). Elsie is so cute! And I want that hat.

Here’s something very cute that I already actually have!

*click to buy me!*

*click to buy me!*

They are lovely warm bootees…there is a bit of a sparkle to them too and they have pompoms and they are the softest, fluffiest things ever! Like little bunnies…in fact, sometimes when I’m wearing them I stroke my foot and pretend it is a little pet bunny…

Final bit of lovely for today…smittens!

*click for smitten loveliness*

*click for smitten loveliness*

No more coldness while holding hands! I also like how one of the mitten bits is smaller than the other for the girl 🙂 I think they are very cute…highly doubt that if I had them they would ever get used though…in fact I can feel my boy mentally vetoing them right now…

Love Ele ~X~


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