Lovely Fluffy Boots!!!

Well now…I was asked to do a review of these…

*Link to loveliness*

*Link to loveliness*

Arent they the cutest boots?!

The soles have good grip which is essential for icy conditions and/or clumsiness (the latter is more likely to be an issue for me). The ankle part is stiffer than the rest which is ace cos I find that on other boots the ankle bit goes all slouchy and weird. The insides of the boots are totally lined with the fluffiest white fluffy stuff…reminds me very much of a lamb 🙂

They are really warm and really comfy…I’ve been clomping about in them all over the place. I’m pleased that they go nicely with my jeans but would also look cool with a skirt…and thick wolly tights 🙂 I’m so in to woolly stuff right now…

So anyway…check out this link where you can look at more EMU boots for snuggly warm feet!

Love Ele ~X~


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