Tiny, baby hippo


Isn’t he cute! If you click on the picture you can see more of the little guy.

Dont know about you but I am most fed up of winter and cant wait for spring to get going. So, to help it along, I’m going have a spring theme here for a while…starting with baby animals…cos thats what makes me think of spring….baby animals, daffodils, tulips, easter eggs and sunshine. What makes you think of spring?

Love Ele ~X~


3 responses to “Tiny, baby hippo

  1. Don’t believe it’s real – it must be a photoshop creation!!!!
    Spring makes me think of meeting new people and starting new things! Colour entering life and the green shoots of the future being put out, all meaning and hope coming together in order to further life and experience in all corners of life.


  2. Spring to me is no snow… means instead of using the snow blower I need to use the lawn mower and I can turn the heat off and turn the AC on :D…

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