I’m a movin’

I’m going to be packing up my stuff and movin’ on…to a new house…with my boy!! But never fear, I will be back here soon with more loveliness 🙂

Love Ele ~X~


5 responses to “I’m a movin’

  1. Hello Adrian 🙂

    I have absolutely no idea what loveline is…is it something good? SHOULD i be calling into it?

    I really hope this isnt a spam comment because I’ll feel very silly now if it is O:-)

    Love Ele ~X~

    • Yeah, it’s a radio show, that has to do with addiction and drugs, and the whatnot. Link is lovelineshow.com

      But anyway, haha, it’s just that when you said “my boy” it reminded me of a caller they had, and I was just curious to see if it was you.

      No, no spam. Haha, thank you for responding, and I enjoy this blog! Thank you for doing this.

      • Ohh I see! Thank you for explaining it 🙂

        No, twas not me that was the caller and I’m not addicted to drugs either…just to clarify that 🙂

        Thank you for your comment…glad you like the blog! 😀

        Ele ~X~

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