Feeling Christmassy

I’m feeling all Christmassy today. Me and the boy had a lovely day (and a lovely lunch!) then I bought some scented candles which really got me into the Christmas mood. Cinnamon and orange…thats the one we had lit earlier and it’s delicious! We also have a duo-flavoured candle…at the top is toffee ameretto and the bottom half is vanilla and pistachio…yum!

I’m doing well with buying gifts and it’ll soon be time to start wrapping presents and putting up the tree…it’s so exciting!

I’m going back home for Christmas (along with my boy and the little dogly)…what are you doing for the Christmas holidays?

Love Ele ~X~


2 responses to “Feeling Christmassy

  1. Oooh I am SO exciting about Christmas!!!! Ahem, oh this is my first visit to your blog hehe.. I love the theme! I got sent here by google alerts when I looked for posts on ME/CFS, I just wondered if you have it or whether google made a mistake? Either way I am going to have a look around lol! Kitty x

  2. Hello there Kitty! Welcome to my blog…lovely to have you here 🙂

    I do indeed have ME/CFS…do you have it too? If you want to have a chat or anything then just send me a mail 😀

    Ele ~X~

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