Shabby Chic Delight

I love shabby chic…much to the amusment and confusion of my boy. I dont think it’s something that boys understand though and thats ok, it keeps it all girly and lovely!


This cushion is so cute! I love the little robins and the frill around the edge. Perfect for a shabby chic or country-looking home. I found this one at


This sweet little heart decoration can be placed around your house all year round – decorations are not just for Christmas! I found this at for just £2.50!


This beautiful, wooden bunting would brighten up any room. I found this at for £4.00 so you could get a few and decorate a whole wall!


A useful and gorgeous chalkboard, perfect for your kitchen and great for writing shopping lists! This one is found at and costs £17.99.


I so love these bird hooks. You could use them for keys or small bags I suppose…or hanging lovely decorations from them! These are £6.95 from


I ❤ this sign…I love it so much that I have it hanging on my door right now! This one can be found at for £5.50 (soooo worth it!)


Last but certainly not least, a gorgeous bird cage. Bird cages seem to be all the rage right now for weddings but why not have it in your house to put a pot of flowers in there or decorative candles…you can even decorate it on the outside with garlands of flowers, strings of beads or even fairy lights! I’m not sure that my boy would concur with my theory on this though.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my shabby chic selection. I love shabby chic so much that I’m sure there will be more posts about it in the future.

Lots of Love, Ele ~X~


6 responses to “Shabby Chic Delight

  1. I understand completely about shabby chic! Love it. Love all the lovely lovely things on this post!!! And aren’t they reasonably priced, too! You can fill your house with lovely loveliness for very little lovely lolly. I love your blog background too – so pretty! This has cheered me up today – if I needed it – all just lovely.

  2. Hi Ele! It’s bunny girl from BF!

    I used to run a little shop that sold shabby chic things and other fun stuff like that! I love old things too! My boss let me have a really cute big Shabby Chic nightstand when we had to close the store and I love it! We had all sorts of neat things.

    • Hello there Bun!

      The shop sounds wonderful….

      I think my ideal world would be to get better and run some kind of craft shop or shabby chic/vintage place….we’ll see what happens eh 😉


  3. I want everything on here!! How did you manage to find it all at such good prices? It’s all very cheap compared to etsy. I think next paycheque I’ll be purchasing a few bits!


  4. it’s at such good prices because A) I have time to look and shop around B) I dont look on etsy for it!

    I want it all as well…I’ve got the ‘happily ever after’ sign so far 😛


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