Sunday Stuff

It’s Sunday evening, the sunset is red and gold and orange, the birds are chirping and I have some lovely things to show you.

This arrived yesterday! All of them are 100% alpaca and they are sooo soft.

So this is what I’m doing with it…


Shhhush! This one is a secret...

It’s a scarf for my Mama for Mother’s day! I’m using this pattern. It’s a free one 🙂

And…I wound that ball of yarn by hand from the skein. First time I’ve ever done that.

I took a close up so you can see the waviness a bit better…

Isn’t it pretty! I hope my Mama likes it…don’t tell her though!

Then I’ll be knitting a scarf for the lovely boy’s mum too.


My lovely boy has been good to me today…



And I received a book yesterday that I bought with Amazon vouchers I got from doing surveys 😉 It’s called ‘Socks from the toe up‘ by Wendy D. Johnson.

So that’s the toe of a sock started! These will be for me as they are a bit of a practise at doing toe up socks…the next socks I make will be for Miss S when she finally gives me her foot measurements and I give her the choices of yarn to pick from!

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~


2 responses to “Sunday Stuff

  1. That blue yarn is divine! Your mom is lucky 😀 I’ll have to check my LYS to see if they carry that brand…I want to touch it!
    Where do you find a survey site that gives you amazon vouchers???

    • The yarn is gorgeous and yes, you really do want to touch it!

      I use several survey sites but got all my amazon vouchers from Toluna. Send me a mail or something to remind me and I’ll send you some links 🙂


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