Knit, knit…mitt, mitt

Recently I’ve had a bit of a ‘block’ with knitting…nothing was going as it should and I was struggling with the simplest of things. So I decided to do a quick and fairly simple project to try to get my knitting mojo back. So, check it out!

Isnt it cute!

I love fingerless mittens…I wear them a lot when I use my walking stick so that I don’t get a sore and blistered hand (eep!)

I used Posh Yarn to make them…the yarn is called Sylvia DK and the colourway is ‘Different Corner’. Posh Yarn update their shop every Sunday at 8pm GMT and the dye lots are small so each yarn is very unique!

The pattern I used can be found here at, for free!

If you decide to knit up some mitts, let me know and show pictures!

Dont forget that I have the lovely competition running until the end of the month (click here to go to the competition post).

There has been enough comments so far to add an extra something to the prize fund! So you can win the cute hanging heart decoration, a stripey A4 notebook and a bag of sweets! Get commenting now for a chance to win it all!

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~


4 responses to “Knit, knit…mitt, mitt

  1. They look lovely, Nice and neat knitting and I love the wrist detail.
    I hope they helped bring the mojo back 🙂

  2. I love the yarn you used, the color is lovely and they look comfortable. I’m glad your moo is back. Beth aka. catfeathers68

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