Wednesday’s ‘What I love’

Wednesday is such an odd day…no one seems to like it very much, poor old Wednesday. So I have decided to allocate Wednesday as the day I show you pretty things that I love 🙂

1. Glass knitting needles

So beautiful

Aren’t they just gorgeous, I bet they would be wonderful to knit with.

2. Pirate cake


I love pirates, I love cake…perfect!

3. Bird stamps


These are made by Prima Marketing and they are my favourite! I love the little frog too.

4. Embroidery



5. Personalised rubber stamps


I really want to get a Milo stamp! (Click the picture for the link to the Etsy shop for these!)

6. Storage jars


I need shelves…and jars…

7. Peonies

*click for link*

I just love peonies 🙂

8. Milkshake


I love peanut butter and chocolate milkshake!

What are you loving today?

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~


6 responses to “Wednesday’s ‘What I love’

  1. I love your blog, hun! The pictures just make me smile so!!

    Birds singing and breeze blowing made me happy today and to be able to rest.

    • Aww thanks Buns 🙂 I like bird’s singing and breeze blowing too (as long as I’m not in it!) and rest is always very good…hope you are as well as possible


  2. That pirate cake is too cool to eat. Which is a problem, since if you can’t eat it, then why make it a cake? But it’s a pirate, so that makes it awesome… Arrrrg!

    • Perhaps I could get two pirate cakes…eat one and save the other to look at? Should solve the problem!


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