Hello you 🙂
So, you want to know all about me do you…nosey 🙂
I’m a girl. I have a cute puppy. 🙂 I live in England. And therefore, I am obsessed with the weather. I like pretty things. Like flowers, glitter, fluffy animals, ribbons, waterfalls, rainbows and such like. I love cake. I REALLY love cake! I like making things. Pretty things of course. And I like to learn. Listening to music makes me happy. So do mint oreo cookies. And sunshine.
So, now you know 🙂

Lots of Love,
Ele  ~X~


6 responses to “Ele

  1. Your site is really lovely! I just watched the “alan, alan, alan…..” video and that cracked me up, so funny!! Will check back later!

  2. you are so sweet! such a nice idea to spread love! love bunnies, I honestly almost cry as soon as i see one! thanks

  3. Hi,
    You have a wedding cake, with an indian inspired design. It is orange with gold trim and two gold elephants on top. Do you know where i could find the topper? Actually in silver ideally?


    • Hi,

      I have no idea where to find the topper…I just liked the picture so I posted it here. I have tried searching for something similar but havent had much luck. Sorry!


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