Kinki Amibari

“Whaa?”, I hear you cry, “What is that?”

Kinki Amibari is also known as KA and they make all kinds of knitting tools! See…not as bad as you were thinking 😉

The very lovely pinkfeather has an eBay shop that sells KA products (check it out here) asked if I would try out the KA interchangeable needles and let everyone know what they were like…so here goes!

I asked for 4mm tips (5 inches long…I know, I mix metric and imperial measurements…sorry) with a 36 inch cable.

I have so far used it to knit a couple of cupcakes

and I have started on a sweater for my dog!

The screw in tips are easy to use and even with my hands being quite sore at times, they were fine for me to screw in place (although I do find it tricky to unscrew them)

The bamboo needle tips are quite smooth and, compared to metal, it is much warmer on your hands…but I also found that in the heat wave we had for a day here in the UK the bamboo tips were cooler than metal and not as slippy…so good for all weathers!

I did find that the bamboo wasnt quite as smooth as the KnitPro Symfonie (wood) needles I have tried and the tips weren’t as pointy as I like…but those things were by the by. I imagine the light colour of the bamboo will be better for a lot of people than the random KnitPro colours.

The cable is good and I dunked it in hot water just to get the curl out of it, which worked a treat.

Overall, the needle was comfy to work with and the screw-in tips stayed put; I never once had an issue with them coming unscrewed.

Pinkfeather currently has an eBay shop that sells KA needles…but will be getting her own online shop at some point, you can keep up to date with that at her blog here.

In the UK, I have no idea of anywhere else that sells KA so it’s good to know!

Thanks pinkfeather!

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~


A quick one…

Hello you 🙂

The competition  has now reached 20 comments and so it’s time to add another prize to the total!

Here it is…

Knit a scarf in one hour

It’s a giant ball of lovely soft chenille yarn! Using 10mm needles you can knit a scarf with it in an hour…instructions are on the band.

If you havent yet tried knitting then here is the perfect opportunity for you to give it a go with a nice simple project. If you are already a seasoned knitter then this will be a perfect quick project for you, maybe as a Christmas gift? Or just a lovely soft scarf for you to wear yourself!

The competition will be ending this week so, if you’d like to enter, comment on the competition post…and dont forget to email me with your email address so that I can contact you if you win!

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~

Some Lovely Bits and Bobs




I had a lovely weekend. Met up with a friend, had Sunday lunch, went to a pub right by the river…thats where I took that picture of the cute table and chairs. We even saw a little water vole swimming up and down.

That’s the back of a hoody I’m knitting…it’s the biggest project I have attempted so far and it’s going really well! I’m using chunky yarn (Stylecraft Special chunky for anyone who’s interested) so it is knitting up pretty fast.


thank you Emma!


This cactus is the one that Emma got me when I moved here. It’s flowering so well and is really happy it’s new, bigger pot.

We still have sunny weather here, even though it has gone a bit chillier…I’m so happy to have sunny days and longer evenings.

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~

Look-ee what I ordered!

Isn’t that the most wonderful yarn!

I was naughty and ordered it for myself because it’s so pretty and I thought it would be great for knitting socks! (I’m still plodding on with my first ever sock but it’s plain wool so I wont get a pattern…)

It’s ‘Teksrena Rainbow, 100g, 100% wool’…just in case you’re interested 🙂

I was extra naughty and ordered some other things too but I’ll leave that as a surprise and show you pictures when they arrive.


Today I am mostly loving mochimochi…no? hmm…let me show you…


*click the picture to get the pattern...for free!*

Aren’t they sweet!

Head to Mochomochi Land to check out the blog, shop, gallery and you can even get free patterns to make your own, cute mochimochi toys!

Those baby gators are way up on my list and I’m quite partial to the cute little snails and slugs too 🙂

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~