Bandsaw loveliness?! :S

Just trust me…give it a chance and watch it to the end!



Love Ele ~X~


Cute bits and pieces

A few bits of loveliness to brighten your day (and mine too!)


First of all…a cupcake apron! I have decided that I really really need an apron and I want a fabulously cute one.

Another apron! Still cute though.

Cupcake ribbon…how awesome is that?! I can never have enough ribbon…and cupcake ribbon is fantastic.

Oh…this bear hood/scarf thing with pockets…I have it but in black. It is so warm and snuggly…and cute…it makes me look like a bear! yay!


Love Ele ~X~

Lovely Online!

So, it’s coming up to Christmas…lots of parties to go to and presents to get sorted out…what is it that you need? A lovely jewellery shops with cute, kitsch jewellery at reasonable prices and where it is all unique so that you know nobody else will be wearing the same stuff as you.

Well….here it is… Lovely Online

Earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces….and here is an example of the loveliness…

Isn’t he adorable!

The name of the shop says it all really…lovely!

Love Ele ~X~