Look what I’ve been baking

*mince pies*

 Everyone loved the mince pies I baked yesterday, so much in fact that they are all gone now!

Have you been doing any Christmas baking?

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~


Some Sunday Loveliness

The weather here is not right for June, not at all…what is with all the rain?!

Anyway, seeing as it’s ‘nice weather for ducks’ I thought I would go with a duck-theme for today’s loveliness…enjoy!

First of all…a duck  on a duck…


Next we have The Fat Duck

…the three Michelin star restaurant where Heston Blumenthal

…carries out his crazy food experiments.

I’d love to go there but it’s about £160 per person! Eep!

How about a glow in the dark rubber ducky instead?

*click picture for link to buy*

He costs £1.25 from Toyday and they do have lots of different duckies as well!

I’ve never had a rubber duck as far as I can remember…I might get me one!

This next one is for my dad seeing as it’s Fathers’ Day!

“I could dance with you till the cows come home. On second thought, I’d rather dance with the cows till you came home.”

Duck Soup starring the Marx Brothers…just for you, Daddy!

I love this next one…

By Margaret Zellner

How cute is that?! Knitted duck feet for babies…I wonder if I could make them for dog…hmm…

This is a free pattern by Margaret Zellner and if you click the picture above it will take you to the Ravelry page for it.

How about duck-shaped cookies?

*click for link*

This cute little cookie was made for a baby shower…but I’m sure it would do just as well at a duck-themed party 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the ducks!

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~

Circular circley things

This week’s theme is circles…so here are a few pretty circles for you 🙂

Super-bright plates!

And then…

…pretty vintage plates.

Cookies are circles too.

I like this swirly circle.

And wow! This crop circle is amazing!

This spiral thing is dated from about 3200 BC! It is thought to be a symbol representing the circle of life and can be found at the Newgrange archeological site in County Meath, Ireland.

So, lots of circles for you to have a look at!

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~

Bake some loveliness :D

Hello there 🙂 Hope you had a lovely weekend…I did 😀 And the lovely photos from it will be on their way in my next post…but for now…have you ever heard of cupcake pops? No? Well check this out…

this is a link...click me!

this is a link...click me!

Aren’t they adorable?! Yes, I stole the photo from Bakerella’s blog…but I’m sure she wont might as I have linked you all to her cupcake pop page…I recommend looking at it cos all the ones she has invented are just lush! Also she has all the instructions of how to make them! Need to get me some lollipop sticks to have a go at making them myself 😀

Another picture of cuteness for you..



I love these!

The rest of her baked goodies are also fabulous…loving her current post about cowgirl cookie mix too!

Love Ele ~X~