Have your cake…

It’s well into the new year now and everyone is probably feeling a bit meh now that there is no exciting Christmas things happening and the next holiday is a way off…this is also around the time that people are falling off of the diet wagon so I thought I’d just help you along with that by showing you…cake!

First we have strawberry chocolate cake…yum!

*click for recipe*

Looks yummy right!

Next we have…lemon layer cake!

*click for recipe*

I think that is an impressive-looking cake.

Next…carrot cake!

*click for recipe*

Carrot cake used to scare me…how can you make a cake with vegetables?? I am now a convert.

Last, because it’s so pretty, rainbow cupcake!

So, who’s hungry?

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~


Happy Birthday Dogly!

My little Milo is 10 today!

He is such a cute boy 🙂

So, for his birthday…I made some little dog biscuits from a doggy recipe book that my boy got me for Christmas. They are carrot and banana, I’m sure he’ll like them 😉

Here’s the recipe in case you have a little dogly that needs some yummy homemade treats!

Carrot and Banana Bites.

2 carrots, grated

2 bananas mashed

200g Plain flour

100g Porridge oats

20ml Sunflower oil

a little water

Preheat the oven to Gas mark 4 (180 C).

Mix the grated carrot, mashed banana, oats and flour with the oil to make a dough. Add a small bit of water if it is too dry. Roll the dough out on a floured surface until it is 1/2 inch thick. Cut the dough into 1 1/2 inch squares and place on a baking tray (I used a silicon baking mat on top of the tray so that the biscuits wouldn’t stick).

Bake in the oven for 30 minutes and then switch the oven off and leave the biscuits in there for around two hours until hardened and cool.

Store in an airtight container.

Biscuits should last for around 10 days…but will probably be eaten long before then!

I rescued Milo from Bath Cats and Dogs home in February 2006. He had been there for two years and previous to that he had been beaten, generally he hadn’t had a good life.

But then I got him and loved him right away. He is the first dog I have ever had so I wasn’t sure what to do at first but all was well and Milo loved me as much as I loved him.

A year after I rescued him he had a fit (seizure). The vet said he was epileptic and he had to go on medication. At one point he had a massive fit and had to stay in over night and have an IV put in his arm.

He averages at two fits per year now and the epilepsy is mostly under control.

A couple of years ago, he had an operation on his eye as his third eyelid had torn. He was very brave. I gave the vet his blankey so that he had something familiar with him and when I got him back he was very groggy but so happy to see me!

Everyone who meets Milo seems to love him. He’s very cheeky but it does make me laugh when he is and he’s so cute that he gets away with it too.

When my Dad comes round it makes Milo scream and cry like a baby because he loves him so much. He also loves my lovely boy and licks his face when he gets home from work.

When I am ill and need to stay in bed, Milo stays with me and refuses to leave the room…he even growls at people who try to get him to leave.

He loves walks…he loves food, especially strawberries, cheese, chicken and chewy dental sticks. My Mum always puts a Christmas dinner by for him on Christmas day so that he doesn’t get left out.

Milo at Christmas

Have a lovely day my sweet little pup.

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~