Kinki Amibari

“Whaa?”, I hear you cry, “What is that?”

Kinki Amibari is also known as KA and they make all kinds of knitting tools! See…not as bad as you were thinking 😉

The very lovely pinkfeather has an eBay shop that sells KA products (check it out here) asked if I would try out the KA interchangeable needles and let everyone know what they were like…so here goes!

I asked for 4mm tips (5 inches long…I know, I mix metric and imperial measurements…sorry) with a 36 inch cable.

I have so far used it to knit a couple of cupcakes

and I have started on a sweater for my dog!

The screw in tips are easy to use and even with my hands being quite sore at times, they were fine for me to screw in place (although I do find it tricky to unscrew them)

The bamboo needle tips are quite smooth and, compared to metal, it is much warmer on your hands…but I also found that in the heat wave we had for a day here in the UK the bamboo tips were cooler than metal and not as slippy…so good for all weathers!

I did find that the bamboo wasnt quite as smooth as the KnitPro Symfonie (wood) needles I have tried and the tips weren’t as pointy as I like…but those things were by the by. I imagine the light colour of the bamboo will be better for a lot of people than the random KnitPro colours.

The cable is good and I dunked it in hot water just to get the curl out of it, which worked a treat.

Overall, the needle was comfy to work with and the screw-in tips stayed put; I never once had an issue with them coming unscrewed.

Pinkfeather currently has an eBay shop that sells KA needles…but will be getting her own online shop at some point, you can keep up to date with that at her blog here.

In the UK, I have no idea of anywhere else that sells KA so it’s good to know!

Thanks pinkfeather!

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~


A few pictures of things…

It’s a lovely sunny day which makes me feel very happy so I thought I would share some pictures with you that have been taken recently.

This pretty flower is made from a turnip! The boy’s friend had been out for a meal at a Thai restaurant and asked if he could keep the carved flower. When he came to our house he let me take a photo of it 😀

Aww the little dogly…we took a lot of photos of him…

He looks cute in his hoody!

Look how tiny he is! Either that or Jon has a giant hand…I’m going to go with giant hand…

That’s the rainbow sock!

Actually, I have finished the sock now. It was supposed to be for Steve but it’s too tight for him so I must have it instead. It was my first ever toe-up sock and it went really well…apart from the tightness (I should have cast on more stitches!). I used Zauberball Crazy yarn in Tropical Fish colour in case you’re interested.

I should take a picture of the finished sock really, shouldnt I.

Competition details will be coming this week so keep an eye on my blog for that.

Hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X

Woolly Wonderfulness

Well, after weeks of grottiness I finally had a lovely day on Sunday. The weather was awful (hail stones!) but it didn’t matter because I was all snug and warm in the Boston Tea Party cafe!

I went there to a local knitting group where I met lovely people and we all sat around chatting and knitting and drinking coffee…except I dont drink coffee, so I had this…



Mmmm….and it was delicious hot chocolate too! Plus, the blueberry flapjack I ate was yumtastic!

So, I was there…knitting my sock. I was on to sock two you see (you remember sock one, right?) I decided to name sock one ‘Sockzilla’ and sock two, ‘Sockzuki’…you wanna see them?


The brothers are together at last...

There they are! On my feet! And I must say that my trousers match them perfectly 😛 I’m so proud of them…my first ever socks, but definitely not my last. (BTW I used Regia World Circus yarn…and still have loads left from a 100g ball!)

I must knit more socks because of this…


Ooooh, preeetty…

From left to right, the first one is Artist’s Palette Smoothie Sock Yarn (it’s so squishy and huggable), the next one is Wollmeise sock yarn (really expensive and someone sent it to me as a gift!) and the last one is Noro Kureyon sock yarn.

Of course, I don’t have to knit socks with them…but I really want to. I think I have been bitten by the sock bug. Besides that, my little sister wants me to make her a pair of green socks with pompoms on them…could be awful, could be genius…we shall see once I get the yarn!

I think that means I’ll have to knit some socks for the little-little sister too…best get your orders in soon as I may not have the time!

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~

More woolly stuff

So…you know I like knitting right?

Love you too, knitting

Thats my current project…it may not look like much now but it will eventually be a sock…and not just any sock, my first sock!

My first time knitting ‘in the round’ too…there are a lot of needles to contend with but I think I’ve got the hang of it now.

I’m also working on two secret projects…so, a lot of knitting going on…plus I’m already planning future projects. I got me some baby wool to knit some little, tiny clothes with to give to charity (one lot of pink tones and one lot of blue), I also bought some gorgeous Noro Sekku yarn in green/plum/blue…it’s beautiful and contains silk. I tried to take a photo but with no daylight it didn’t look very good, so I’ll try again tomorrow 🙂

In the mean while, look at this…it’s knitted with that same type of yarn.

Pattern by Cheri McEwen

This shawl was knitted by a user called ‘Merchantofvino’…it’s so beautiful! I wish I could knit like that…maybe one day.

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~

Look-ee what I ordered!

Isn’t that the most wonderful yarn!

I was naughty and ordered it for myself because it’s so pretty and I thought it would be great for knitting socks! (I’m still plodding on with my first ever sock but it’s plain wool so I wont get a pattern…)

It’s ‘Teksrena Rainbow, 100g, 100% wool’…just in case you’re interested 🙂

I was extra naughty and ordered some other things too but I’ll leave that as a surprise and show you pictures when they arrive.


Today I am mostly loving mochimochi…no? hmm…let me show you…


*click the picture to get the pattern...for free!*

Aren’t they sweet!

Head to Mochomochi Land to check out the blog, shop, gallery and you can even get free patterns to make your own, cute mochimochi toys!

Those baby gators are way up on my list and I’m quite partial to the cute little snails and slugs too 🙂

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~

What is making me happy today…

I’m worn out from yesterday so I need a bit of cheering up…luckily, it didn’t take too long to find some cheery things 🙂


Aren’t they adorable?

These little stitch markers arrived a few days ago (please excuse the dodgy photo!). I ordered them from eBay but the lovely person I bought them from also has an online shop which you can find here. They were beautifully packaged in little organza bags and they will be perfect for marking my stitches when I start knitting socks.

Which brings me to…



This arrived today!

The gorgeous pink and dotty green fabric will be used to finish off the mobile phone case I knitted (I’ll show you when it’s done). And I had a whole stack of double point knitting needles which will enable me to knit socks! It’s going to be tricky but I’ll try my best.

That brings me nicely on tot he latest thing I have knitted…


Cosy and warm

Aren’t they just the cutest mittens! And yes, that is my arm you can see there 🙂

I’m pointing out the little pocket flap as I need to get some tiny buttons to finish that off but I am so pleased that I was finally able to knit something other than a scarf! That’s all because of the knitting book my boy bought me for Christmas…thanks!

Another thing to cheer me up is that I have finally figured out how to work the camera on my phone 😛

I have all my knitting and finishing projects to now so that should keep me busy…but I shall be posting a new ‘project’ on here in the next few days and I hope you’ll join in too. It’s going to be fun!

Love Ele ~X~