Rolling around

My favourite video of the milo-dog…I hope you enjoy it!

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~


A few pictures of things…

It’s a lovely sunny day which makes me feel very happy so I thought I would share some pictures with you that have been taken recently.

This pretty flower is made from a turnip! The boy’s friend had been out for a meal at a Thai restaurant and asked if he could keep the carved flower. When he came to our house he let me take a photo of it 😀

Aww the little dogly…we took a lot of photos of him…

He looks cute in his hoody!

Look how tiny he is! Either that or Jon has a giant hand…I’m going to go with giant hand…

That’s the rainbow sock!

Actually, I have finished the sock now. It was supposed to be for Steve but it’s too tight for him so I must have it instead. It was my first ever toe-up sock and it went really well…apart from the tightness (I should have cast on more stitches!). I used Zauberball Crazy yarn in Tropical Fish colour in case you’re interested.

I should take a picture of the finished sock really, shouldnt I.

Competition details will be coming this week so keep an eye on my blog for that.

Hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X

Would you like to adopt a monkey?

I would!

But these monkeys are special…they are made from socks! (And you know how I feel about socks…)

I bet you will want to adopt one when you see them…

Arent they so cute!

So…do you want one yet?

How about now?

These little darlings are created by Wendy (AKA Monkey Maker) and can be adopted via her Facebook page here.

Each standard, adult monkey costs £12.50 including p&p. To adopt a monkey you need to look at the pictures of available monkeys on the Facebook page, leave a comment on the one you’d like to give a new home to and the person who comments first gets to adopt the monkey! (See the Facebook page for all the information you need about adoption, postage, cost and how they are made.

You could get a Batman monkey…

…or do you prefer Robin?

Or how about a ballerina?

You can even get tooth fairy monkeys, complete with a bag for collecting milk teeth!

If you contact Wendy (you can do this by sending her a pm via her Facebook page) she will even make you a custom monkey…or even another animal entirely!

Do you recognise this little guy?

That’s right! I have a sock dogly!

A friend of mine ordered my sock-replica of my own little pup for Christmas. He is so cute and has the same heart-shaped patch, the same odd ears and a metal dog tag with his name on it!

Yes, I highly recommend adopting yourself a monkey…or a dog. You won’t be disappointed.

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~

PS Check out the brand new sock monkey blog here!