Competition Time!

Well, competition time has arrived…how exciting!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me all about things that you think are lovely then send me an email at, with your name and email address so that I can contact you if you are the winner!

But before I show you the prize…there’s more…

For every five comments  I will add something else to the prize…so, tell all your friends and blog readers about it so that you get the biggest possible prize!

Here is the first bit of the prize…


This cute hanging heart with a bell on it could be yours…dont you want to see what else gets added too? I do!

Anyone can enter the competition no matter where you are in the world.

The competition will run until the last day of May, so you have plenty of time to encourage people to join in!

Once the competition has finished, I will read all the comments and find out what you think is the most lovely thing of all then all names will be put in a pot and picked at random by my boy…it will all be completely fair and neither me nor the boy will be able to see any of the names when they are being picked. I will post photos to prove it!

I very much look forward to reading your lovely comments and I hope I get to at least add a few more things to the total prize.

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~


Woolly Wonderfulness

Well, after weeks of grottiness I finally had a lovely day on Sunday. The weather was awful (hail stones!) but it didn’t matter because I was all snug and warm in the Boston Tea Party cafe!

I went there to a local knitting group where I met lovely people and we all sat around chatting and knitting and drinking coffee…except I dont drink coffee, so I had this…



Mmmm….and it was delicious hot chocolate too! Plus, the blueberry flapjack I ate was yumtastic!

So, I was there…knitting my sock. I was on to sock two you see (you remember sock one, right?) I decided to name sock one ‘Sockzilla’ and sock two, ‘Sockzuki’…you wanna see them?


The brothers are together at last...

There they are! On my feet! And I must say that my trousers match them perfectly 😛 I’m so proud of them…my first ever socks, but definitely not my last. (BTW I used Regia World Circus yarn…and still have loads left from a 100g ball!)

I must knit more socks because of this…


Ooooh, preeetty…

From left to right, the first one is Artist’s Palette Smoothie Sock Yarn (it’s so squishy and huggable), the next one is Wollmeise sock yarn (really expensive and someone sent it to me as a gift!) and the last one is Noro Kureyon sock yarn.

Of course, I don’t have to knit socks with them…but I really want to. I think I have been bitten by the sock bug. Besides that, my little sister wants me to make her a pair of green socks with pompoms on them…could be awful, could be genius…we shall see once I get the yarn!

I think that means I’ll have to knit some socks for the little-little sister too…best get your orders in soon as I may not have the time!

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~

Shabby Chic Delight

I love shabby chic…much to the amusment and confusion of my boy. I dont think it’s something that boys understand though and thats ok, it keeps it all girly and lovely!


This cushion is so cute! I love the little robins and the frill around the edge. Perfect for a shabby chic or country-looking home. I found this one at


This sweet little heart decoration can be placed around your house all year round – decorations are not just for Christmas! I found this at for just £2.50!


This beautiful, wooden bunting would brighten up any room. I found this at for £4.00 so you could get a few and decorate a whole wall!


A useful and gorgeous chalkboard, perfect for your kitchen and great for writing shopping lists! This one is found at and costs £17.99.


I so love these bird hooks. You could use them for keys or small bags I suppose…or hanging lovely decorations from them! These are £6.95 from


I ❤ this sign…I love it so much that I have it hanging on my door right now! This one can be found at for £5.50 (soooo worth it!)


Last but certainly not least, a gorgeous bird cage. Bird cages seem to be all the rage right now for weddings but why not have it in your house to put a pot of flowers in there or decorative candles…you can even decorate it on the outside with garlands of flowers, strings of beads or even fairy lights! I’m not sure that my boy would concur with my theory on this though.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my shabby chic selection. I love shabby chic so much that I’m sure there will be more posts about it in the future.

Lots of Love, Ele ~X~

It’s all rosey

Hello you 🙂

I went to visit my boy last weekend and he bought me a single red rose (with some ‘white bobbly stuff and leaves’ :P) for Valentine’s day. It is so beautiful and the first time I have ever had a rose!

So…here’s some Valentine’s roses….

hearts and roses...perfect for Valentine's!

a dozen red roses

mixture of colours

Check out this link to find out the meanings for colour and number of roses you give! For example, did you know that lavender roses signify love at first sight and enchantment or that giving 7 roses has the message ‘I’m infatuated with you’.

Love Ele ~X~

hearts…sailor jerry style…

I love the Sailor Jerry style tattoos…so I thought I’d show you some Sailor Jerry inspired heart stuff!


An awesome dress….


A cute rug (gets extra points for the bluebirds!)


Very cool patch…


…and a belt buckle!

Love Ele ~X~