Wedding Bells

Hello you 🙂 So lovely to see you again.

I have some excellent news…my lovely sister, Miss S, has got engaged! So, in honour of her planning the wedding I thought I’d show you all some lovely wedding stuff that makes me smile.

This indian wedding cake is amazing!

I love this shot of the lace dress.

Dresses from 1861

Dont forget flowers! I like bright ones 🙂

Some great ideas for homemade wedding favours.

And of course, a gorgeous knitted shawl…I could make that, I’m sure.

Congratulations to you both!

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~


Look what Arrived Today!

Aren’t they gorgeous?! I am loving fingerless gloves right now…I have knitted my own fingerless mittens and am working on another pair but these ones have the lovely lacy effect that I’m not good enough to knit yet! I’m wearing my pair right now and they are so warm yet soft and delicate. (By the way, thats not me in the picture above :P).

I received my gloves today from along with a yellow vest with a sketched rose on it and a thin, grey cardigan that will be perfect for the spring…oh I can’t wait until the spring arrives.

Love Ele ~X~

Woolly woodland creatures

The woodland theme continues…except in knitted format…I know, I know, I’m always posting knitted things…but I just love them right now!

which one do you like best?

which one do you like best?

Aww…look at those cute little guys! And check out these owls…I love them!

Aren't we lovely?

Aren't we lovely?

It’s not just animals in the woods either…



If only all mushrooms looked like that!

Well, I’m going to conclude my woodland theme for there now. It has been a fun week and I’ve learned some cool stuff and found some cute pictures 🙂 Hope you have enjoyed it too…learning is lovely!

Love Ele ~X~