Kinki Amibari

“Whaa?”, I hear you cry, “What is that?”

Kinki Amibari is also known as KA and they make all kinds of knitting tools! See…not as bad as you were thinking 😉

The very lovely pinkfeather has an eBay shop that sells KA products (check it out here) asked if I would try out the KA interchangeable needles and let everyone know what they were like…so here goes!

I asked for 4mm tips (5 inches long…I know, I mix metric and imperial measurements…sorry) with a 36 inch cable.

I have so far used it to knit a couple of cupcakes

and I have started on a sweater for my dog!

The screw in tips are easy to use and even with my hands being quite sore at times, they were fine for me to screw in place (although I do find it tricky to unscrew them)

The bamboo needle tips are quite smooth and, compared to metal, it is much warmer on your hands…but I also found that in the heat wave we had for a day here in the UK the bamboo tips were cooler than metal and not as slippy…so good for all weathers!

I did find that the bamboo wasnt quite as smooth as the KnitPro Symfonie (wood) needles I have tried and the tips weren’t as pointy as I like…but those things were by the by. I imagine the light colour of the bamboo will be better for a lot of people than the random KnitPro colours.

The cable is good and I dunked it in hot water just to get the curl out of it, which worked a treat.

Overall, the needle was comfy to work with and the screw-in tips stayed put; I never once had an issue with them coming unscrewed.

Pinkfeather currently has an eBay shop that sells KA needles…but will be getting her own online shop at some point, you can keep up to date with that at her blog here.

In the UK, I have no idea of anywhere else that sells KA so it’s good to know!

Thanks pinkfeather!

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~


Wednesday’s ‘What I love’

Wednesday is such an odd day…no one seems to like it very much, poor old Wednesday. So I have decided to allocate Wednesday as the day I show you pretty things that I love 🙂

1. Glass knitting needles

So beautiful

Aren’t they just gorgeous, I bet they would be wonderful to knit with.

2. Pirate cake


I love pirates, I love cake…perfect!

3. Bird stamps


These are made by Prima Marketing and they are my favourite! I love the little frog too.

4. Embroidery



5. Personalised rubber stamps


I really want to get a Milo stamp! (Click the picture for the link to the Etsy shop for these!)

6. Storage jars


I need shelves…and jars…

7. Peonies

*click for link*

I just love peonies 🙂

8. Milkshake


I love peanut butter and chocolate milkshake!

What are you loving today?

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~

Knit, knit…mitt, mitt

Recently I’ve had a bit of a ‘block’ with knitting…nothing was going as it should and I was struggling with the simplest of things. So I decided to do a quick and fairly simple project to try to get my knitting mojo back. So, check it out!

Isnt it cute!

I love fingerless mittens…I wear them a lot when I use my walking stick so that I don’t get a sore and blistered hand (eep!)

I used Posh Yarn to make them…the yarn is called Sylvia DK and the colourway is ‘Different Corner’. Posh Yarn update their shop every Sunday at 8pm GMT and the dye lots are small so each yarn is very unique!

The pattern I used can be found here at, for free!

If you decide to knit up some mitts, let me know and show pictures!

Dont forget that I have the lovely competition running until the end of the month (click here to go to the competition post).

There has been enough comments so far to add an extra something to the prize fund! So you can win the cute hanging heart decoration, a stripey A4 notebook and a bag of sweets! Get commenting now for a chance to win it all!

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~

What is making me happy today…

I’m worn out from yesterday so I need a bit of cheering up…luckily, it didn’t take too long to find some cheery things 🙂


Aren’t they adorable?

These little stitch markers arrived a few days ago (please excuse the dodgy photo!). I ordered them from eBay but the lovely person I bought them from also has an online shop which you can find here. They were beautifully packaged in little organza bags and they will be perfect for marking my stitches when I start knitting socks.

Which brings me to…



This arrived today!

The gorgeous pink and dotty green fabric will be used to finish off the mobile phone case I knitted (I’ll show you when it’s done). And I had a whole stack of double point knitting needles which will enable me to knit socks! It’s going to be tricky but I’ll try my best.

That brings me nicely on tot he latest thing I have knitted…


Cosy and warm

Aren’t they just the cutest mittens! And yes, that is my arm you can see there 🙂

I’m pointing out the little pocket flap as I need to get some tiny buttons to finish that off but I am so pleased that I was finally able to knit something other than a scarf! That’s all because of the knitting book my boy bought me for Christmas…thanks!

Another thing to cheer me up is that I have finally figured out how to work the camera on my phone 😛

I have all my knitting and finishing projects to now so that should keep me busy…but I shall be posting a new ‘project’ on here in the next few days and I hope you’ll join in too. It’s going to be fun!

Love Ele ~X~