Keep Warm!

Milo loves being snug and warm…especially when it’s snowy outside, this week’s MiloCam shows him doing just that!

Lots of Love,

Ele ~X~


Snow, Snow, Snow

"Snow" Henge

England has been hit by a lot of snow…which of course has brought the country to a standstill…but, it has made things look rather lovely. I particularly like this picture of Stone Henge in the snow…I live near there now y’know!

Have any of you had snow yet? Do you think we’ll get a white Christmas?

Love Ele ~X~

Snow for Christmas?

So…snowflakes then…

Aren’t they just gorgeous…and if you click here there is a guide to snowflakes explaining all the different shapes and classifications, it’s complicated stuff this snowflake business. I’d recommend checking out more of too, it’s really interesting.

Unlikely that I’ll have snow for Christmas here but it’s still pretty!

Love Ele ~X~